Odoo Customisation Services

Tailor Odoo to perfectly fit the unique needs and workflows of your business with our specialised Odoo Customisation Services. 

At Amaroo we understand that every organisation has distinct processes and requirements. Our experienced team of Odoo developers is dedicated to providing personalised solutions that maximise the power of Odoo ERP for your specific business goals.




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Key Customisation Areas

Module Customisation:

We specialise in customising Odoo modules to align with your specific business processes. Whether you need adjustments to existing modules or the development of new custom modules, our experts ensure that Odoo seamlessly integrates with your workflows.

Workflow Optimisation:

Streamline your business processes by optimising workflows within Odoo. Our customisation services focus on enhancing efficiency, reducing redundancy, and ensuring that Odoo reflects the unique operational structure of your organisation.

Reports and Dashboards:

Gain deeper insights into your business with custom reports and dashboards. We tailor Odoo's reporting capabilities to provide you with real-time, actionable data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements:

Improve user experience and productivity with customised UI enhancements. Our developers can refine the Odoo interface to match your branding, simplify navigation, and enhance overall usability.

Integration with Third-Party Systems:

Ensure seamless data flow across your entire ecosystem by integrating Odoo with third-party applications and systems. We specialise in creating robust integrations that enhance connectivity and data exchange between Odoo and other tools your business relies on.

Amaroo is confident we can help you succeed no matter what your business needs. 
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