Human Resources

Every business needs the ability to handle information about it's people, Odoo has you covered.

Odoo comes complete with modules in Employees, Recruitment, Time off, Appraisals, Referrals, Fleet management and more.


Odoo's Employees app is way more than just a staff directory. It's the hub for an entire suite of HR features.

Get a bird's eye view of every department before zooming in on the details. Sort employees by working hours, job title, even contract status to get a full picture of your team from every possible angle.

Restricted access settings to protect employee's private information - emergency contacts, visa information, and more.

Record every employee's unique skills, so the next time you are looking for a French-speaking JavaScript expert, you know exactly who to call.

Stay on top of PTO requests with integrated time off tracking. Use the presence report to monitor attendance and quickly approve vacation requests.


Odoo Recruitment streamlines your entire recruiting process, so you can find the best people for your team, quickly and easily. 

All job positions, all in one place. Keep an eye on all job postings, applicants, and scheduled activities. Every stat for every job is clearly displayed on the Recruitment dashboard.

Keep applicants organized. Click on a job position to see all the applicants, organized by phase. Click and drag an applicant card to quickly change where they are in the pipeline, or have applicants automatically move in the pipeline after certain activities are done.  

Automatic data importing = less typing. When applicants apply online, their info is indexed and added to their application automatically. Resumes, cover letters, and any other documents are attached to the applicant's card, and organized in the Documents app.


An easy-to-read overview of your vehicles, contracts, repairs, costs, and drivers.

You won't need any specialized tracking system for company vehicles - with Odoo's smart app, you can keep a close eye on your fleet in a few simple clicks. Manage everything through our user-friendly administrative system - fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary for the management of your company's vehicles.

Supervise all contracts for your vehicles and receive a warning email when contracts reach their expiration date. Several visual tools are put in place to ensure that you'll remember to renew (or end) your contract. Organize the services around the vehicles and communicate with the qualified service providers; manage invoices and notes. Set up a vehicle policy within your company, as well as an insurance policy in order to manage your fleet in the most efficient way.

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