Odoo has a whole range of sales packages, covering many types of business.

Odoo comes complete with modules in CRM, Sales, Point of Sales for shops and restaurants, Subscriptions, and Rentals.

Point of Sales

Odoo Point of Sale is intuitive, reliable online and offline, and offers a wide range of options to meet all your business needs. Set it up in minutes, start selling in seconds, and keep both your staff and clients satisfied!

Interface that has it all: so intuitive that anyone can master it in minutes, yet packed with a range of advanced options. Handle any transaction with ease and focus on what matters: the customers.

Step into the future. From the kiosk or their smartphones, your customers can do everything by themselves, from the order to the payment.  


Odoo CRM is the true customer-centric tool for your sales needs. Track leads, get accurate forecasts, and focus on what matters: closing opportunities.

Schedule calls, meetings, mailings, or quotations, and Odoo automatically plans the next activity based on your sales script.

Communication is key. Incoming emails are automatically added to your pipeline, and all contact with your team and customers is made from a single place, ensuring easy access to information at all times.

Create professional-looking quotations in no time with a user-friendly interface. Select your products from the catalog and let Odoo handle the rest.  


Create clean, professional, and interactive quotations instantly with Odoo's powerful quotation builder.

Manage your sales orders, customer service, and eCommerce shop on a single platform.

Use quote templates to automate common orders Automatically apply the correct pricing and taxes to every customer.
Skip time-consuming tasks to focus on what matters most: selling!

Let customers help themselves! Customers can access their quotations, sales orders, delivery orders, and more...

Save time with online payments, and close deals faster with e-signatures on quotations, contracts, and any other PDF.

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