Speed up your business with the productivity solutions that Odoo offers.

Odoo comes complete with modules in Discuss, Approvals, IoT(Internet of Things), VoIP(Voice over internet protocal), Knowledge and Whatsapp integration.


Direct messaging, WhatsApp, livechat, voice calls, and video calls – all at your fingertips.

Keep everyone on the same page by communicating announcements, meeting minutes and much more.

Communication with every. single. Odoo app.

Private DMs with group collaboration on ever-single-Odoo-app, making team communications streamlined for the user.

Instant messaging between coworkers in real-time while you work through that complicated manufacturing order in the Odoo Manufacturing app.

Video chat with your customers right from the meeting invite in the Odoo Calendar app.

Experience high-definition, quality video conferencing with users and customers around the world to land that big whale of a sale in the Odoo Sales app.



Each request has its approvers. Select a person who needs to approve each request, even if it's not a manager.
Do you need an accountant's and a manager's approvals? You can decide whether you want both to request any type of approval.

The management of your requests are made easy; travel, office supplies, payments, all request submissions can be created, validated, or declined in seconds from your approval dashboard.

Easily create the approval types that fit your needs with an intuitive configurator. Ask your employees for the information that you need before approving any request.


Odoo Knowledge lets you centralize all your organization’s important information, work on it as a team, and access it from any Odoo app.

Powerful text editor. Type the `/` shortcut to present your content in its best form, and integrate dynamic data from all your business apps.

Flexible data organization. Sort your content with custom fields, and navigate through it with perzonalized views and filters.

Manage access rights. Choose who gets to see and manage your content. You can even share the page with the world.

Integrate your knowledge base across all your business apps. Insert pre-written content to instantly communicate with your customers, answer helpdesk tickets, describe new project tasks, and much more!  

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