Odoo has a full suite of Finance packages that all work seemlessly together, being able to automate a bunch of the legwork usually needed.

It offers modules in Accounting, Invoicing, Expenses, the ability to digitally sign off and more.


Odoo is a modern accounting software. So clean that you will experience work differently and avoid the frustration of slow interfaces, overflowing email inboxes, and endless data. 

Speed matters. All operations are processed in less than 90 milliseconds, faster than the blink of an eye. It helps accountants do much more in less time.

A snappy interface is a game changer.

Experience zero data entry. Our advanced AI-powered invoice data capture has a 98% recognition rate. All you have to do is to validate the invoice.


Odoo Invoicing is the simplified billing process you have been dreaming of! Create professional invoices, customize them to your liking, and get paid faster than ever.

All the essential elements of an invoice are prepped just for you: customer details, products and prices, tax rates, etc. Your invoice is - literally - one click away.

Online payments. Redirect your clients to a flawless customer portal, and let them pay with their preferred online payment method – whatever it may be.

Track your open payments with clear statuses and due dates.
Set reminders for entries that need follow-up.


Odoo Expenses keeps everything organized so you can say goodbye to that envelope of receipts!

Email, scan, drag and drop, or manual. Add expenses by sending an email using expense codes, scan in a receipt, drag and drop a receipt into the Expenses app dashboard, or manually type in an expense - from your phone or computer!

Stop submitting each individual expense. Place all expenses on one expense report with a click. Submitting a single report is easier for everyone; from the employees submitting expenses, the managers approving expense reports, and the accountants posting payments.  

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