Odoo offers a whole range of service packages that make projects and communication easier.

Offering modules in Projects, Timesheets, Field Service, Helpdesk, Planning, Appointments and more.


Odoo is the ultimate project management software. Organize tasks and stakeholders, get a comprehensive overview of your project, and boost team productivity like never before.

Involve your customers. Decide what parts of your project stakeholders can view and edit. Manage all your communication on one simple interface.

Timesheet and invoice. Bill your customers according to the time spent on tasks or set up milestones to spread the costs of larger projects.

Project updates are generated in real-time and give a detailed overview of profitability, milestones, resources, and tasks. 


Odoo Timesheets allows your team to track and validate billable hours, approve time spent on tasks, and simplify invoicing your services. All in one, hassle-free interface.

Smart time tracking. Launch a timer on the fly, and ensure that timesheets are always linked to the correct project, task, or sales order. No more missing data.

Keep it profitable. Get an overview of your billable time by team member, project, task, and billing type.  


Using Odoo Appointments app, meet with your customers when it is convenient for them.

Scheduling made easy, secure a time slot within a few clicks. Customers view the availability and click to make an appointment!

Configuration is quick and integrates with the Calendar app, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar.

Use super convenient video conferencing to connect with your customers and land more sales, hands down.

Manage appointments efficiently with comprehensive resource and staff schedules. A complete resource-time management system.

Set your schedule, create opportunities, add questions, and send customized messages. Send invitations with availability for customers to schedule appointments quick and easy.

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